Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life isn't a kick....

You can either endure the storms of life or you can learn to dance in the rain....ha. This is my new motto over the last two weeks and I'm like a little latin dancer just dancing in the rain. Life is good.

Love Nate

Monday, June 8, 2009

Life is a Kick

I am sorry our blog has taken a terrible turn for the worst since Nate has been posting his "resting #1 and #2" blogs. But in reality his posts could be numbered from 1 to 100 because he has been doing A LOT of resting!!! So be grateful he has just done two. Here's an update over the past month:
1. I work a lot
2. Nate tries to sleep a lot and has "the worst nights sleep"...every night
3. No babies
4. NBA playoffs and now finals
5. Nate interviews for a job that he didn't know he applied for. Went to the interview without knowing exactly what the job was for. Asked lots of questions like,"now what responsibilities will this job entail" so he can figure out what the crap he is there for.
6. I go to work
7. Nate goes to the doctor and gets new sleeping prescriptions
8. Nate's new sleeping prescriptions doesn't help him sleep, but rather makes him hallucinate.
9. I change poopy diapers and get thrown up on.
10. I went to Texas to visit my sister and her new peanut. It was the best because my Mom was out there at the same time and had a fun girls weekend.
11. Nate got sick while I was gone...threw up and lost about 10 pounds.
12. I gained 10 pounds....crap!
13. Nate got a sinus infection
14. I played Mommy to my 25 year old husband
15. I went to work, tried to get more work.
16. Nate interviewed with a few other people so we can pay our bills.
17. Life is kind of at a cross road for me and my hubby, so we'll let you know. We both know that life is going to change and we are just trying to prepare for it! But at the end of everything I know that I love my hubby more today than I ever have! Life is great and we both know how blessed we are to have a "kind of" job and a roof over our heads.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Resting time post #2.

Well it has been about a decade since I posted my resting time post number one. Here we are still not sleeping. My symptoms are getting better (slowly but surely). I have slept about a total of 30 hours in the last 2 months. I go to bed about 1 a.m. and get out about 3 a.m. It is a dream come true. I'll be the first to admit that it is a tender mercy that the NBA playoffs have been going on since the accident. I have proly missed 3 games. Nothing but the best. If Kobe wins the Finals though it may throw me into a deep deep depression and there may be no way of getting me out. I will admit that the last couple months I have fallen in love with classical music. I can sit and listen to Mozart for hours. I'm entertaining the idea of going and renting a clarinet and playing that again. Rest in peace Mr. Martin and Mr. Brikey my sixth and seventh grade clarinet teachers. I will be attending the Utah Symphonies over the next few months. I'm thinking about a season pass...Click on the below picture to see it in a bigger size.

Quinn you still look like Prince Harry. If you don't know Quinn Gooch then click here....
I'm thinking we can make a little money on the side. We should take a few pics of you and your kids and sell them to the tabloids with the headline that says, "Who are Prince Harry's illegitimate children?" or a picture of you and Dani that says, "Who is Prince Harry's mystery woman??". Bag all this school and work stuff. Lets keep swinging for the fences.