Thursday, April 29, 2010

The House

It looks like we are moving in on Wednesday and I couldn't be happier. I will go to the house tonight, take pictures and post them tomorrow. Promise!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I liked it. A little intense and disturbing, but it makes you remember and be grateful.

Monday, April 19, 2010

More Books

So apparently I have been out of the book reading loop for awhile, because I thought these books were the newest and greatest. Wow! Is all I have to say. Such an eye opener. Loved them!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

The post below was written by Nate's sister, Heather. She is a better wife and sister than I will ever be. Even though I do love my husband very much and could probably find 500 things I love about him, I cannot take credit for it. I just went in on U2 tickets with my parents. The praise goes to amazing Heath. Thanks for loving my husband so much Heath. We love you!

{Happy Birthday Nate}

happy 26th birthday
{Nathan Trouble Hutchinson}
we love you!!
A little while ago I (Heather) wrote 100 things I love about Kristen on her blog. Nate read it and jokingly commented, "You should do 500 things you love about me". Little did he know that I would actually create this list. I have spent the past four months making this and thought it fitting to post on his bday. I hope he's not too embarrassed by this (we'll see). Really its 500 items about Nate's life and because I love him all of these things are "things I love about him". Thanks to lots of family members for a few of their memories. GOOD LUCK GETTING THROUGH IT! Nate, I hope you have the most amazing birthday and want you to know that we all love you so much!

500 Days of Nate…

1. The fact that he asked me to make a list of 500 things I love about him.
2. He can always make sense of what I am thinking.

3.He's usually a logical thinker.

4. He calls me H-Duff.
5. He thinks he's a fan of 2Pac, but really never listened to his music because it's dirty.
6. He still loves us after "Hate Nate Night".
7. He has the greatest love for Elder Holland.
8. He says "Permiso" for everything, which in Chile just means pardon me; I will do what I please now.
9. He, Jef and Weave used to stand behind the counter and throw magnets at the fridge for some type of game. He's always creating games.
10. He's a huge Jazz fan (not a pansy like T.).
11. He told Jared Shakespeare everything he was getting for Christmas one year, and Marge is still mad at him.
12. He always thinks he's a good dresser.
13. He loves RRL jeans from Ralph Lauren.
14. He has a new found love of reading, aka mini Terry Hutchinson.
15. There is never anything that he thinks he can't do.
16. From his mission he had Erica Ludlow bring me good luck balloons and treats to my first Cheer try-out…I was so excited!

17. He had his Mission President's wife call me on my 17th bday, because she and I share the same birthday.
18. He wrote me the sweetest thank-you card after his knee surgery, I really appreciated it.
19. He and Lin took me in with my sickness for weeks when they were newlyweds.
20. He turns EVERYTHING into a competition.
21. He's such a Gifford.
22. He calls Kristen "K-Swiss".
23. He calls Cass "Tass".
24. He loves their blue tooth in their Toyota and calls every time he and Lin are in there together.
25. He loves being around people ALL the time. Period.
26. He loves working/playing sports with Danny, Paul, and Dave.
27. Around the office he calls them uncle and they call him "Nephew Nate".
28. He thinks Grandpa G. is hilarious.
29. He loves having gospel discussions with Grandpa H. and calling him out when he's teaching false doctrine. 30. He will entertain anyone who will watch.
31. He doesn't play video games and probably hasn't since Mario was popular.
32. He's read his Book of Mormon every day since he was 14, and has promised people in Chile that he will for the rest of his life.
33. He can't leave the house without saying a morning prayer.
34. He is an amazing teacher and knows the Gospel very well.
35. He talks about his Mission frequently and loves Chileans.
36. He can't wait to visit Chile with Ty Berry someday.
37. He is hilarious when coming out of surgery.
38. When coming out of knee surgery, he yelled at the top of his lungs, "CLEAR!" and then thrashed his chest up and down like they were jumping his heart.
39. He also kept asking the nurse over and over if she was reading the Book of Mormon, when she said "no, I'm not doing that anymore", he said, "that's okay, happiness isn't for everyone" (he wasn't even fully conscience yet). 40. He told Linley he loved her for the first time when he was in the hospital on morphine after knee surgery.
41. He has a small temper.
42. When he was a baby they nick-nammed him "captain mellow" (that nick-name didn't stick).
43. When he and Linley are beginning to argue he presses an imaginary mute button at her, it doesn't always go over well. J
44. He and Adam's football numbers, 15 + 3 = 6.
45. Every time he and Adam are together they have to watch their football highlight video while going through each play (Cass and Lin LOVE to hear it each time).
46. He loves being a Godfather to: Triston Gooch, Max Berry, Kendall Legg, and Drake Weaver and makes it VERY clear that he watches over, not after them.
47. He's an efficient worker.
48. He was VERY dedicated to football and worked really hard.
49. In H.S. he, Cody Adams, Spencer Tafua, and Adam Legg would eat a pre-game spaghetti meal every Thursday in preparation for their game (also, I had to make it or it wasn't "good luck").
50. His fro that was out of control in H.S.
51. His teddy bear sweater that he bought at a gas station.
52. He broke the 2nd place trophy in the locker room after the state championship game in basketball (second place is just first loser).
53. He'd eat spaghetti every night if he could, and did when he was a bachelor.
54. He always has the WORST pains of anyone in the world muscle pains, ligament pains, hunger pains, tired pains, etc.
55. He always needs his hamstrings rubbed.
56. He spray painted his track shoes gold in H.S. to be like Michael Johnson.
57. He thinks he is better than any woman at any sport, even the Olympics.
58. He thinks given two weeks of training, he and his friends could beat any woman in any sport (except hockey, they'd need a year for training for that).

59. He parted his hair until 10th grade.
60. He loved his Geo.
61. He only loves Extra Wineterfresh gum.
62. He loves being goofy, but is serious when needed.
63. He loves Braveheart (but only watches the edited one).
64. He and Danny remind me of Chris Farley and David Spade.
65. He loves talking to our Uncle Ben.
66. He loves a deal.
67. He loves Dimitri's Pizza.
68. Every night he has to pull all the sheets out from being tucked in to sleep, it kills Linley.
69. He does so many dishes now, just to make his wife happy.
70. He'd probably be a great politician.
71. He loves the kids names they've already picked out.
72. He Google's everything he has a question about.
73. He has a secret fear of earthquakes.
74. During the first earthquake of his life he woke up, thought Sam was jumping in his crib and luckily went back to sleep.
75. He tells Linley they can only live in Cali when they are wealthy enough to own a helicopter and fly away when an earthquake takes Cali into the ocean.
76. He hates snowboarding and rarely does water sports.
77. As soon as the NBA finals are done, he hates his life until football begins.
78. He played the clarinet in middle school and worked his way up to the sax.
79. He can play "Called to Serve" with the right hand on the piano.
80. He sang "Whatever it Takes" with Kristen at YW in Excellence and his voice cracked, Rob Dias has never stopped laughing.
81. He changed into Sunday clothes to sign his letter of intent to BYU.
82. He was amazing at the snake game on his first Nokia cell phone.
83. He loves to have texting races.
84. He loves to kick you when you're down, and it's actually hilarious so it brightens your mood.
85. He can't wait to be a dad and would love twins.
86. When asked what would happen if they had triplets his response was, "It'd be Jon & Kate minus Nate."
87. He can tell our Mom anything and they are the best of friends.
88. He sleeps with his eyelids partially open.
89. He sleeps with a pillow above, below and in between his legs.
90. He likes to take naps in the guest room.
91. He wore a hat that said "Groom" on his plane ride to CA for their wedding.
92. He and Ty Berry fight like brothers.
93. He always places things all over the house and always has a hard time finding them.
94. He hides his secret stuff up high where no one else can reach.
95. He remembers everything and is pretty sentimental.
96. He gives the best gifts.
97. He draws Cassidy's name for Christmas EVERY YEAR and loves it.
98. He hated the MTC because there were no "discussions" or "Preach My Gospel" yet, so it was mostly language and personal study for two months.
99. In the MTC he used sheets and duct tape to make curtains for his bedroom to cozy it up. The curtains looked similar to the ones in our home. Very talented!
100. He broke his wrist at the beginning of baseball season two years in a row and never went back to the game.
101. At 2AM the night before we were taking him to the MTC he woke me up and said, "What are you doing?!?!? I haven't even packed yet!" (Don't worry I took care of it, and I'll never know how he packed up to head to Chile).
102. When he and Ty Berry lived together at BYU they would set their alarms for 2AM every night to get up and watch "Who wants to be a Millionaire".
103. He and Ty Berry would set every pair of shoes that they owned in the front room and ask all the girls that came over which shoes they liked better…there were at least 60 pairs.
104. He and Ty Berry would leave church from the top of the hill @ BYU's campus, turn Ty's car off, and see how far they could coast (running red-lights and stop signs).
105. And on their way to church they would blast 'Consider the Lillies', while singing at the top of their lungs.
106. He loves singing "I'm Proud to be an American" at the top of his lungs.
107. He thinks he can dance as well as the black guys on his team.
108. He used to eat an entire huge can of Spaghettio's in 30 seconds.
109. He refuses to wear lotion or Chap Stick because he thinks his body will become immune to it and then need it all the time.
110. He had to wear a mask to play bball his sophomore year due to a broken nose, thanks Derek McAllister.
111. He hit and beheaded a deer, which totaled his car.
112. He thinks Dancing with the Stars is pornography.
113. He compares everything to Toby Weiss.
114. He loves that his wife loves sports.
115. He likes to pull my leg because I believe everything he says.
116. As children we would eat plain Jello packets of sugar while Mom was at work.
117. As kids he and Kristen were eating cereal with EXTRA sugar in it and they heard mom pull up, so they ran to the sink to wash it out and when mom came in she thought they were doing the dishes, and thanked them for being such good kids.
118. When he gets angry he says, "The 'Anger Sharks' are beginning to swarm…"
119. He falls asleep whenever he starts a long drive, meaning Linley has to drive everywhere.
120. He loves shoes, and has too many pairs.
121. His side of the closet is much fuller than Linley's side, thanks to Kristen working at Polo.
122. He doesn't tan very well at all, which is why he hates laying out.
123. He has crystal blue eyes.
124. Ryder looks IDENTICAL to him- Nate says, "That's fine, he'll get babes".
125. He always has a solution to everything.
126. He was co-founder of Team of Dynasty.
127. He made the best underground dirt forts.
128. When my parents asked us to vote about having another baby, he voted no.
129. When they told us Cass was on her way Nate said, "I thought we voted, and I voted no?"
130. He ended up being Cass's best friend.
131. When he'd be in charge of Cass and she'd go #2, he'd hold her up to the faucet in the tub to clean her off (we didn't leave them together too often J ).
132. He loved giving Cass chocolate (which is probably why they were best friends).
133. He sprinted when he mowed the lawn to get it done quicker.
134. He had the hardest time calling adults when he was younger.
135. He planted most the plants in our amazing back yard.
136. He types 90 wpm.
137.When he writes papers for school, they are written as if he's speaking.
138. He HATES getting hair on him during haircuts.
139. During his knee surgery he got two blood clots, a hematoma in his knee and an infection in his incision, and STILL had Linley and me laughing everyday throughout his recovery.
140. He can lighten any mood.
141. He loves Gatorade, Skittles, and Chewy Sprees.
142. One year I ran out of money for his Christmas gift and I got him some Skittles and a 2L of Sprite and I've never heard the end of it.
143. He tells everyone he knows to "relax" and "enjoy it".
144. He has a VERY long passage from JS-H memorized from a performance as Joseph Smith.
145. He always exaggerates how big he is in vehicles. He's always 7ft. tall and we somehow have to make room for him.
146. We were once pulled over in PA with the Warner Family and Doug accidently hit us as he backed up. The cop yelled "What if I had been standing there…" and Nate said "AND WHAT IF THE SKY FELL?!" Dad was upset.
147. He once told Dad to shut up under his breath, and he got punched in the back of the head and knocked out cold.
148. He loves to argue just for the sake of it.
149. He's a germ freak and washes his hands hundreds of times during a day.
150. He still remembers the dates of the Park City and Snow Canyon games…Sad Days.
151. He and Kristen are a year and a day apart, but they are more like twins.
152. He cheats in most board/card games and is not ALLOWED to be the banker in Monopoly.
153. In 7th grade he wrote a paper on his "hero"…Grandpa Gifford (I'm pretty sure Grandpa is still his hero).
154. We were in Cali when he received his mission call and he couldn't wait, so he had Jef open it and read it to him over the phone and then fax it to Polo.
155. He got to go on his mission early because of football so he served from age 18-20.
156 In every letter that he wrote home to the family he would say the same line to me: "Heather, keep on cheerin"…and then add some lame cheer, but nothing more than that.
157. All of his e-mails from his mission are pages long (good thing he types so fast).
158. He loves Paul Potts and thinks he'll have season tickets to the opera/symphony when he's older.
159. The only journal he keeps are his thoughts while reading the Book of Mormon.
160. He RARELY wears flip-flops, but owns 4 pairs of Sperrys.
161. He would wear a flat-rimmed baseball hat every day if he could, he has at least 30.
162. He's not a great horse-rider, but Sam enjoys taking him.
163. He loves all Linley's crafts and thinks she should sell them.
164. He and I are the only "true blondes" in the family, and we look most alike.
165. He loves the show Shark Tank, and other then sports he doesn't really like watching TV.
166. He rarely enjoys going to a movie and avoids them most of the time.
167. If he does go to a movie he has to check it out on the website 'kidsinmind'.
168. He's assigned me to do the family history for our family and LOVES the idea of only doing the Temple work.
169. We've told him that he's assigned to taking care of Mom when she's old and senile, which probably means she'll be in some retirement home somewhere…
170. Any cute, interesting girl he meets he immediately asks if she'd be good for T.
171. He really dislikes any house pet and will never allow one in his home, good thing his wife is on board with that too.
172. He will not pet any animal; no matter how clean it is because he still feels it's dirty.
173. He's always wanted to own a white tiger and says it'd be the only house pet he'd deal with.
174. He is very envious that Kristen got to go to Hawaii on her senior trip, I got to go to Europe, and his senior trip was doing the Church History tour in a mini-van with his family.
175. He would love to travel the world, but China wasn't as wonderful as he was hoping.
176. He always has some "statistic" or "study" to share from one of his recent reads.
177. He always tells me that if I do his family's hair for free then he will be my family's personal sociologist.
178. During the NBA finals between the Jazz and the Bulls he made everyone sit in the same seat for each game, hoping it would help our team…no such luck.
179. He shaved JAZZ into Sam's head for the series.
180. We rarely watched sports on Sunday growing up, but the Super Bowl was somehow allowed and he'd always sprint home from church, while undressing to make it in time for the game.
181. When the Jazz and Bulls met in the NBA finals for the second time, he got all of his friends to refuse to watch the Sunday championship game. They recorded it and started it at midnight, thinking their righteousness would help our team…no such luck.
182. He still texts T. every 11:11.
183. If he has any debate or interesting thought during the day he immediately sends an e-mail to T. and Meikle to inform them of his thoughts.
184. We threw him a surprise party for his 18th bday, but couldn't figure how to surprise him…Uncle Chris brought an ambulances and sat it in front of our house, we stuck as many of his friends that would fit inside, when he pulled up from priesthood mtg. my aunt told him with tears in her eyes that her son has fallen and he's asking for NATE! He ran to the back of the ambulance and his friends jumped out…I've never seen his face more terrified.
185. He eats spaghetti noodles RAW.
186. He loves that his wife is beautiful and all of his friend's wives are lovely…inside joke.
187. He went to the NBA finals in Boston with Linley and loved every minute of it.
188. For his 16th bday we went to Hawaii as a family and he brought Cass Hopkinson along where they decided to dine at Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate.
189. On that same trip he and Cass would NOT stop talking like Steve Irwin-RIP.
190. He and Cass also ate at McDonald's everyday to try and win at the Monopoly game.
191. He's not an outdoorsy guy, but thinks an African safari would be amazing.
192. He doesn't own a gym pass, but loves to road bike.
193. He and Quinn Gooch plan on doing Tour De France someday. J
194. He rarely visits his friends in Provo, asking them all to come to Alpine to see him. He says, "You know we don't come off the hill."
195. He still introduces me as his little sister and calls me "little ol' heath" even though he is 26 and I am 22.
196. He thinks I should marry rich and take care of the entire family for life.
197. He is good at investing and is always keeping an eye on his stocks.
198. Mom says when she had morning sickness while pregnant with me Nate came into the room while she was throwing up and he said, "Don't throw up our baby mom!" He was very concerned. Although, when I was born he was apparently more excited about the hospital bed than me. We've grown to love each other. J
199. He said his football skills were never about power but always about finesse.
200. He loves to get cheap shampoo from the grocery store, I HATE IT.
201. He doesn't like wearing any hair product and wont if he doesn't have to.
202. He hates taking family pictures and gets into an argument about it with mom every single time we try and take one.
203. He never had to have braces.
204. He chipped a tooth in Chile and had them patch it with a gold star.
205. He doesn't drink Pop very often at all.
206. He is the tallest member on both sides of our family, extended as well and he loves it.
207. He loves going out on the boat with Danny and Dave, but enjoys the boat ride more than the sporting aspect.
208. He loves short, old man swim suits and will wear one if Lin lets him get away with it.
209. He is comfortable when talking about that time of the month, thanks to having open sisters and a mom. J
210. He likes to call periods an exclamation point instead; he thinks that is what they are, never mind that it stands for a period of time…
211. He has a sixth sense about telling when girls are on their periods, it's real weird.
212. He would dress up every day for spirit week in middle school; thank heavens he grew out of it.
213. He has never done the Halloween scene.
214. He loves to discipline/sometimes bribe children to do things for him.
215. He loves to go on Sunday walks.
216. He rarely is seen wearing sweats, he usually has to be in jeans and dressed up to see anyone.
217. He's had 4 major concussions and it's messed with his concentration and vision in his LEFT EYE a little, now he likes to read big print.
218. He has kind of large ears and when he was little, kids would call him "Dumbo." Kristen would yell at the kids for being mean to Nate.
219. Whenever he was in trouble Dad would grab his ears and Kristen would yell, "Don't! You'll make them bigger!"
220. He thinks "The Biggest Loser" should be called "Big People, Little World".
221. He is real good at the game "Would you Rather".
222. In high school he would come home at curfew, check in with the parents, and walk right back out the front door.
223. He cheated his way through high school math.
224. He stole baseball cards from Walmart when he was like ten, and before his mission he went and confessed to a manager there.
225. He spent a summer working at Jones, Paint & Glass and now can pick out people's paint jobs.
226. He's rough with children and says that someone has to be, "Children need rough and tumble play".
227. He enjoys books on cd for long drives.
228. He hates long drives and wishes he could fly everywhere.
229. He and T. lived in married housing for his first semester off the mission.
230. He didn't do too much kissing in high school, but made up for it after the mission.
231. He said he'd dated too many girls that agreed with him about everything and that he'd like to meet a girl that would challenge him…he got what he wished for and we couldn't be happier.
232. The summer before he got married, he and I shared a room at Grandma's house and we had some hilarious nights.
233. He had testicular cancer scare and likes to think of himself as a cancer survivor, telling people that he "livED strong".
234. When we found out he might have cancer, his friends all started calling him "one nut Nate".
235. He was signed for a scholarship to start BYU football in January and they called and said they'd have to move it until after his mission. He wasn't okay with having to wait until April for his mission, so a couple phone calls later and BYU called to say, "we just got off the phone with Elder Eyring…" he had a mission call two weeks later.
236. He makes things happen.
237. If boys were bugging me, he'd tell me to punch them in the face and then come home and he'd miss school to hang with me.
238. He admires others accomplishments.
239. He never gossips, and tries to defend whoever is being discussed.
240. He's very loyal to his friends and will be there for them whenever they need him.
241. He loves having gospel discussions with his friends and there'd be some mornings that we'd wake up to find Books of Mormon dispersed throughout the house, we knew he'd been up late discussing things.
242. I love running into random people from his mission that talk so highly of Elder Hutchinson.
243. When his new Mission President arrived in Chile he arranged for all the Elders in the mission to chip in and rent a BILLBOARD that said "Welcome to Chile President Kiolo….sp??" .
244. On his Mission President's wife's bday he, once again, got all the Elders to pitch in and fill the mission home, and roof with thousands of flowers (literally)…the pictures were unreal.
245. He has a close relationship with some members in Chile still, and loves to hear from them.
246. He thinks grape juice heals every ailment and any time I am sick at his house he will purchase gallons of it and make me drink it…never mind the sugar in it.
247. He received his Eagle Scout on his 18th bday (the last day of eligibility).
248. He wore his original (age 14) scout pants to get his Eagle (they were several inches too short so he wore his Reebok high-tops to make up the difference).
249. He hated scouting and my parents told him he couldn't get his license until he got his Eagle, they eventually caved, but he was almost 17.
250. He didn't have his license for the first dance he attended so his date drove them.
251. He got so frustrated with not having his license one night that he stormed my parent's room at 2AM, grabbed all the scout pins in mom's jewelry drawer and started throwing them at her saying, "you never wore these and you never cared!" They laughed really hard.
252. He can't sleep with any light in a room at all (probably because his eyes are partially open), but all cell phone, alarm, tv lights, etc. have to be covered. Because of this Kristen got him a sleep mask that he wears every night.
253. His personality is a RED/YELLOW and nothing more.
254. He likes people to throw him things that he needs, never stand up and walk them to him.
255. He once told me to toss Cass to him when she was like 6 months old, and I did. He was shocked and luckily caught her.
256. He always catches everything.
257. The yellow banks roses bloom over the arch on his bday every year and he and Kristen have to have a picture in front of them for Mom.
258. He has a hard time listening to women in General Conference and every time one of them stands to speak he texts T. and says, "better take your bathroom break now"…he says it's the sound of their voice, but he's trying to repent.
259. He thinks he'd be a good gambler, but never has.
260. He loves knowing what the surprise is and sharing it with other people.
261. He'd love to run a non-profit organization someday.
262. He's earned his Master's.
263. He refused to walk in his Master's graduation, because he didn't want to pay the 60 bucks for the cap and gown and didn't want mom to either.
264. He created my cell phone number while I was in high school and the last four digits are his football number {1515}.
265. When he had to switch numbers for football at BYU he chose represent Danny with #24.
266. He and Danny's song is "stompin' in our air force ones".
267. He not great at golf, like Linley can beat him, but he loves bragging about how talented his wife is.
268. He loves playing Tennis, especially doubles.
269. He calls Linley his little "Beronica" sp??
270. He still thinks he's a legend at PVHS.
271. He is frequently embarrassed about JeNee's cougar support.
272. He calls our Mother "JeNee", not Mom.
273. Ryan wears clothing that were Nate's as a child and someday Nate's boys will wear them too.
274. He applied to Law school, made the waiting list at BYU and then decided that he'd had enough school with his Masters, and needed to hop into the real world.
275. He got his Bachelors in two years and his Masters in two years. His philosophy is: get it done as soon as possible.
276. He snacks at any opportunity and seems to be hungry all the time.
277. He loves playing intramural basketball with T. and Ty Berry.
278. He rarely picks a fight with someone (except maybe in intramural games), but when someone is mean to me, he sure steps up to be the big brother.
279. He doesn't enjoy getting up early to clean off the snow, but he'll sometimes do it for Lin.
280. He also leaves her notes in the snow on her car.
281. Since his car accident he has trouble falling asleep and he's had to take Lunesta.
282. If he's taken a Lunesta and he's still up chatting he'll say, "the butterfly is landing", which you would understand if you'd seen the Lunesta commercials.
283. He hates most women's sports, especially the WNBA and he always makes fun of their "Expect Great" commercials.
284. He likes watching High School signing day on ESPN.
285. He and T. always made fun of "Rachel Nichols, ESPN" and her obnoxious voice.
286. He doesn't mind shopping and is great to take to the Mall.
287. He loves to "talk" in all his sporting events, sometimes T. doesn't appreciate it.
288. He loves Bentleys.
289. He wanted a wedding ring like President Hinckley's, a big gold one with a large black stone in the center, Linley opted no on that one.
290. Grandpa H. always told him that he'd need to get better table manners in case he was dining with the Queen on his mission and she was offended, Nate knew the Lord called him to Chile where they use their hands as serving utensils for a reason.
291. He eats sushi now because Lin is such a fan.
292. He picked out Linley's engagement ring without her there, but LUCKILY she loved it.
293. He still tells her it cost 100grand and refuses to tell her the actual price.
294. Banana Republic is his favorite store.
295. He gives all his left over BYU athletic gear to Dad who couldn't be happier to receive them, and wears them every Sunday.
296. He can talk his way out of anything, or into anything, and can sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves.
297. Every time he travels home to STG he asks JeNee to have homemade salsa or spaghetti ready and waiting for him.
298. He and Cass do the BEST dance to Hannah Montana's 'Nobody's Perfect', a LOT of hip action goes on there.
299. If Cass does something wrong and gets disappointed in herself, Nate quotes Hannah Montana and says, "Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days…"
300. He loves playing Rook with Lin, JeNee and Grandpa Gifford.
301. He likes buying old furniture and fixing it up and is thankful that his wife is so talented in that area.
302. He and Lin have always slept on a king bed and now a queen is OUT OF THE QUESTION.
303. Linley says every time he stirs in bed it's like an earthquake for her because he's so big and moves A LOT.
304. He loves Bob Marley and U2.
305. He gags every time he brushes his teeth because he scrubs so far back.
306. He WOULD NEVER share a tooth brush with anyone, but in a tight spot he'll BOIL one to use it.
307. He used to brush his teeth on the way to school while my mom drove and spit out the door at every stop sign (waking up earlier never occurred to him).
308. He hated assembling the pads in his football pants, so I usually would.
309. He showers at least twice a day and sometimes more.
310. We used to think that he was like Bart Simpson as a child.
311. He and Kristen knew all the words to the Simpsons soundtrack, "DEEP DEEP TROUBLE (BART)".
312. He and Kristen had a paper route as kids and he would order a new pack of rubber bands every week to make the BIGGEST rubber band ball you've ever seen.
313. One day on their paper route Nate's bag got caught in the spokes of his bike and he flipped over the handles and landed on his back. (Kristen just said it added to the horribleness that was their paper route).
314. Too bad they LOST money on their paper route, but thankfully he had a huge rubber-band ball.
315. He once rode Jerrick Hunt's three-wheeler into the pond. 316. His favorite bubble gum is BAZOOKA and loves to buy the Costco gallon size.
317. He can blow bubbles WAY bigger than his head and will challenge anyone to a competition.
318. He blows spit bubbles sometimes and it drives Dad insane.
319. He loves to spin pillows on his fingers and does at any opportunity.
320. He hates shaving.
321. He loves dried mangos and will hide them around his house so no one eats them.
322. He loves trail mix, but won't spend 10 bucks to purchase it.
323. He hates wasting paper towels and will always use a hand towel to dry his hands.
324. He loves spicy food and will put jalapenos on EVERYTHING.
325. In high school he drove our Great-Grandpa's truck with no AC and would drive everywhere shirtless.
326. The first time he drove the truck (Ellis), it back-fired and everyone thought they were being shot at and ducked.
327. His favorite high school class was TV Broadcasting.
328. He loved hanging out at the Cheerleader's lockers, good thing they were by Mom's office.
329. He wore these hideous high-top Reebok shoes all throughout high school.
330. He had the mouth of a sailor as a young boy and decided one night (at the age of 10) that it was really bad, so he prayed real hard, started crying and sat in the dark telling Sam (who was 3 years old) not to grow up and be like him because he was the worst brother in the world.
331. He's never been great at laundry, but he's particular about how things are folded.
332. He wears his socks inside out.
333. He once bought a Bernini suit on a HUGE SALE and never felt comfortable wearing it because it was so nice.
334. He's rarely clumsy.
335. He ran for Student Body President senior year and didn't win, but said the loss was because none of his friends would go early to school or stay during lunch to vote.
336. "Stay gold Pony Boy, stay gold".
337. He proved Mary wrong and amounted to something. J
338. He started our "family slogan"--Forever Together.
339. He likes to rhyme and does it frequently, especially when he's in a good mood.
340. He's not a "truck loving guy".
341. When he thinks he's dressed up and looks nice he sings, "Gator boots and a pimped out Gucci suit…"
342. He likes to think he's a manly man.
343. He's a little metro. J
344. He has recently decided he would like to own a motorcycle, but Linley isn't having that.
345. He was recently quoted in the newspaper about a work project saying he was "pleased as punch".
346. He always jokes about women's rights, and thinks we should go back to the days where only men voted.
347. He loved when I completely lost my voice for two weeks and could only text.
348. He said if I went mute that he would not learn sign language to understand what I was saying.
349. He doesn't own and iPod and hasn't used iTunes.
350. He really loves his in-laws and talking with all his nieces and nephews.
351. He calls Linley multiple times a day, and is actually on the phone constantly.
352. He loves going to the Parade of Homes.
353. He just created the brochure page for his companies Parade of Homes entry and said, "Flagship Homes builds homes for the working family, because that's who they are and that's who they care about." Yes, he quoted Tommy Boy for that. J
354. He loves to post on their blog and this is why Lin has changed their password. J
355. He can't figure out why every time he posts on the blog he gets 3 comments and when Linley posts, she gets 12 comments (maybe because his friends don't check blogs too often).
356. He doesn't use a planner.
357. He'd love to someday own a ranch and have Sam run it for him.
358. He swears that someday, if he has any money, he'll take dad to a Jazz game and sit courtside.
359. When we went to check him in for knee surgery the girl checking him in said, "Nate? Is that how you pronounce it?" Later, Nate said to us, "No, it's Na' Te" ha.
360. In H.S. there were 4 Nate's on his bball team, so he's gone by "Hutch".
361. He was the manager for Jared Shakespeare's band "Entropy", and thinks he could have taken them big, had they not broken up. J
362. He would never do the Hakka with the rest of the team because the chant means: "I'm coming to kill you" and he didn't feel it was appropriate (also, he's white…).
363. He stills calls Mom every day to chat because she loves it (this is why he's her favorite).
364. He and my Mother are the SAME.
365. He loves to surprise people, so when he comes to STG he always tells us he's still in Nephi or something, while he's parking in front of our house.
366. Linley got a text from one of Nate's friends telling her that he wanted to set her up with this amazing kid (Nate) and she ended up talking with Nate's friend all night about just how amazing this Nate kid was…Turns out it was actually Nate on this friends phone talking himself up to Linley all night.
367. He was always mad that Kris and Ty and Weave and Whit got married 2 MONTHS before he got home.
368. He loves feeding babies food that their Mothers wouldn't approve of them having.
369. Ty Berry and Max were once over for a bball game (Kenz was at work) and Ty realized he didn't have a nipple for the bottle. Nate wasn't about to let him go home so, Nate held Max's cheeks open while Ty used a straw to suction the milk into the straw and pour it into Max's mouth. It took forever, but they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
370. The Panamara Porche will be his first purchase when he's a billionaire.
371. He loves the Triple Crown and he watches all three races.
372. Before the race starts he yells, "And down the stretch they go…"
373. When getting off the phone, he always says, "Mmmm, Bye" (mostly to make fun of Mom).
374. Mom says he's always been a super social kid and never liked being alone. When going to bed as a little boy he'd always say, "Sweep wif me Mom, sweep wif me".
375. As a little boy he knocked his two front teeth out on a medal pole while trying to catch snow during half time at a BYU basketball game.
376. When the paper interviewed him about signing with BYU and not Utah he said, "This works out perfectly because I've always loved BYU and hated UTAH." (Max Hall's got nothin' on him).
377. He and T. once slept outside in a tent with two dogs at a radio station to win Jazz tickets…they won.
378. He likes to spell the last word in a sentence to give it emphasis, he'll say, "well that tastes like c-r-a-p."
379. He once got so sick of the Hutchinson family reunion that we were at, he tied Kristen and I up with ties and stuffed socks in our mouths and was holding my grandpa's rifle when my parents came in the room. He said, "I've had enough of this gosh dang family reunion!"
380. If you're having a bad day and you tell him about it, he'll send you a text that says, "kill yourself" and you end up smiling.
381. He thinks American Eagle is the worst store to shop at and refuses to shop there. AND…if he sees an eagle on a piece of clothing that you're wearing (maybe a scarf) he'll say, "real classy, Heath…"
382. He dislikes when people say they couldn't have been born in Pioneer time, but the Pioneers couldn't have been born in our time… He thinks we all would have dealt with whatever time period we were sent to earth.
383. Now that he has a Blackberry, he rarely uses a laptop.
384. If at all possible, he will steal any clothing from Dad's closet on any given visit.
385. He always says, "Hey, pretty lady…" to Linley.
386. He always said his geo is teal on black (meaning his teal car on wheels with no hubcaps).
387. He bought his wife a pink road bike so the two of them could exercise together.
388. I was picking he and Lin up from the airport one time and he came out to the car limping and I asked, "What happened?!!? Did you hurt your knee again?" He said, "Shhh, just get in the car." When we were in the car he told me that he couldn't wait to get off the plane so he told the stewardess that he had knee problems and needed to get off first with the handicap...real mature.
389. I left my car overnight in the airport parking lot because I flew out to Cancun and he was flying in from Cali the next day, so I left my car for him to drive home. Turns out I had NO IDEA where to park, and when I turned my phone on in Mexico, there was one text from Nate that just said "56 dollars". I knew I was in big trouble because he had to pay it to get out of the parking lot. He left the receipt in my car for when I returned, but he never made me pay him back.
390. Since his knee surgery, his left foot is completely numb and he has to have it rubbed all the time.
391. He describes his knee surgery as having his leg sawed in half and put back together, which is essentially what happened.
392. He can't stand hairy armpits on men; he thinks it is completely disgusting.
393. He buzzes his leg and chest hair because it's another part of his phobia of hair.
394. In his dream home he would have a breakfast nook made of glass that he could walk out and see his view.
395. He always says that it's ridiculous that we can put man on the moon, but we can't find a better way to deal with periods.
396. He loves playing couples Bunco, and he and Ty Berry get WAY too into it.
397. He gets real sick when watching the anti smoking commercials (the ones where they squeeze the junk out of the aorta).
398. He still calls Ty Berry 'Elllder' and that is how he is saved in his phone.
399. When RM's are doing sketchy things he'll always call them Elder as a little reminder.
400. Anytime he and Lin have gotten in an argument (since they were dating) he says, "Oh boy, are we having our first fight?" It's always their first fight.
401. I always finish his sentences and he HATES it! He always tells me to stop and I tell him to THINK FASTER!
402. He says he thinks quickly, he just prepares what he's going to say in his head before he speaks.
403. Before he told Linley he loved her, he'd always tell people they were in "like".
404. He knows he's a visual learner and you have to be looking at him when he's talking.
405. When he used to get in trouble as a little boy, Mom said, "Nate, what can we do to help you stay out of trouble?" His response was, "I think I need a desk." She learned that ALL his time needed to be structured.
406. He refuses to believe that he and Lin will have a girl for their first child.
407. When I was sick people were always wondering if I had depression and Nate found it so funny that he was always joking with me about it (probably making sure I really didn't go into depression). He can make you laugh about ANYTHING!
408. He never wears a watch, but says he would if he owned this certain one.
409. He wants to sit in a cage with the biggest sharks in the world swimming around him.
410. He's always reminding us that he's the birthright son…who knows what he'll get from that??
411. He loves telling us that he's looking for 'get rich quick' schemes.
412. He loves when his friends forget his birthday (especially when he's remembered theirs) and he can hold it over their heads.
413. He hates when he opens the door at school for girls, just to be nice, and they give him the left hand hair-swipe, letting him know they're married.
414. He used to be HORRIBLE at giving hugs and Kristen and I hated it. Slowly but surely he has gotten better and gives us hugs much more frequently now.
415. When the Chile earthquake hit (15 min. from where he served) he felt very nervous for the Chilean people and checked for updates frequently. I know he had fasted and prayed for them and was happy to hear that things were better than he expected.
416. He always says, "It's not so much what you say or what you do, it's really just who you are" if you're asking him what's wrong with some situation in your life. It's pretty funny.
417. He always takes mine and JeNee's Café Rio cards to get free meals.
418. He and Linley live off gift cards.
419. This year he called me on my bday and said, "Happy Birthday Corey Warner", and then talked about how this day must be so great for Corey.
420. He does the greatest impression of our Great Uncle Von keeping his pants up by hitting his hips, it's hilarious and you'd have to see it to believe it.
421. When he and Linley tended for our Aunt and Uncle he replaced the 'G' on their front gate with a paper 'H' for all of their visitors.
422. He loves calling Danny's boy, William, Billy. He just usually likes to call kids different names.
423. He loves playing a game of horse shoes.
424. He presented Sam with his Eagle Scout Award and he could barely keep a straight face throughout the ceremony.
425. Cass wouldn't eat her yams at Thanksgiving dinner once and he said, "Tass, you better eat your yams or they'll be down your shirt." She didn't believe him, but by the end of dinner she had yams down her shirt.
426. He let me highlight his hair once after his mission and he ended up looking like Eminem. We have never done it since.
427. When my Grandparents had their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration every grandkid had to share a talent and Nate didn't have one to share so he got Ty to sing "You are My Sunshine" with him.
428. He always plays the Ass in the Nativity Scene at Christmas…can't be sure what that means?? J
429. JeNee tried to do a 'business man' themed Christmas for him and purchased everything from Dillards. He couldn't stop laughing that morning when everything he got was the brand, 'Cutter and Buck'. He's never let her live it down.
430. He plays in the Turkey bowl every Thanksgiving with the Uncles and a couple years ago he ended up scrapping his knee up so badly that affer dinner he ended up in basketball shorts and his cowboy boots.
431. He and Linley lived in Grandpa G's house when they were first married because Grandpa was on a mission. When Grandpa was returning home the place had to be deep cleaned. Linley did most of it, but was out of town that day and left a list of things for Nate to finish. Being the nice sister that I am, I told him I'd help out. I ended up getting to his place around 2AM and fell asleep on his couch. The next morning (the day Grandpa was coming home) Nate came to wake me up and said, "Heath, what time do you want to get up?" I calculated the hours until they were to get home and said, "9." Nate said, "Okay, I'll let you sleep till then." I went back to sleep. When he came and woke me up again he said, "It's 9, Heath. Time to get up." I rolled off the couch and started the cleaning. After a couple hours of cleaning, I was scrubbing the bathroom and he came in and said, "Heath, why don't you check out the time on my phone." I looked and it was just THEN TURING 9AM! Apparently he came and woke me up a couple minutes after I went back to sleep. Good thing he got a couple extra hours of work from me. I couldn't help but laugh.
432. He's always right and likes to bet mom that he's right (anyway to get some cash outta her).
433. He had to watch Sheree's baby Elsie while the women went to dinner and when Sheree texted him she said, "how's the babe doin?" Nate's reply was, "sleeping like a little lamb, and Elsie's fine too."
434. He attended the Rose Bowl parade this past year and sent a text with the picture of a band and said, "Is it wrong if you find the blind marching band half funny and half inspirational?"
435. He has a small clef in his chin.
436. He won the Pine Wood Derby when he was 7 and loved that race every year. He and Dave now think that the Pine Wood Derby is for the wrong age group (maybe it should be the Elder's Quorum Derby??).
437. When he was a boy Grandpa Gifford made a list of ten items that would help Nate be structured and keep him busy (because if he wasn't structured, he was getting into trouble) Grandpa called it the "For the Love of Nate list…"
438. Mom says when he was 7 years old he gave his first talk in Sacrament meeting, he stood up to the pulpit, put his hands in his pockets and spoke. She says he looked like he spoke every week and owned the place. He's always been very confident.
439. He is building a 500,000 dollar home in a recession (best of luck). J
440. His first kiss at age 15 was with a SENIOR.
441. He always played Leonardo when Kristen and he played TMNT.
442. He was hitting golf balls in our back yard (when he was 12) with Danny and I was standing too close to him; he told me to take a step back or he'd hit me and I said, "NO!" He swung so hard and smacked me in the eye with the driver.
443. As I ran in the house to tell mom, he ran after me, tackled me to the ground, sat on me and told me that he'd do anything if I would stop crying and not tell mom. Too bad I already had a black eye.
444. Mom would drop us off to clean our house while it was being built and Nate would spend his time catching hummingbirds while Kristen and I worked.
445. He actually grabbed a hummingbird when it landed and freaked out when it started flapping its wings.
446. He killed a squirrel once with a rock and felt so bad that he started crying, held a funeral and buried it.
447. He has hundreds of Michael Jordan basketball cards and is waiting for the right time to sell them (another get rich-quick scheme).
448. Nate found a bottle of acid in a ravine at the army post, mom told him to throw it out immediately! Nate ended up opening the bottle to show the neighbors and got acid in his eyes.
449. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital and thinks he's now just feeling the effects of the incident (he may be wearing an eye patch soon). 450. He loves taking dam tours.
451. He is the water weenie champion. He likes to ride on the back with his legs hanging off, but won't do it without water gloves.
452. He froze Kristen, Kat, and Whitney's bras while they were sleeping at Lake Powell one year.
453. He and Derek Sorenson played "freeze out" (where you roll down the windows on the bus, get butt naked and see who can last the longest) on the bus ride home from Cedar once, and Coach Wardenburg's wife happened to be driving right behind the bus as they switched seats. She called and asked Coach what was happening on their bus.
454. He worked at Polo for three hours once.
455. He added a facebook account for Flagship homes, but uses it as his own account.
456. He used to use T's account in college and only add beautiful girls to date.
457. Mom sent him canned refried beans for Valentines once and he was amazed that she took the time to send him such a gift.
458. He was the only one brave enough to impersonate Bronco Mendenhall in the team skits.
459. He was called Nathan as a child and dad's side of the family still calls him that to this day (it's hilarious that they refuse to call him Nate).
460. Mom says when he was potty training he had 6 accidents in one day and ran out of clean "training" underwear and mom said, "I guess you need to wear a diaper until you're a big boy and can wear big boy underwear". Nate responded sadly with, "Never again."
461. Mom says at age 3 he was praying for the family and said, "Help us get a lot of money".
462. Mom says when he was 4 yrs. old and we moved to Kansas, Nate asked, "Do we have a Grandma out here?" She said, "No, we don't." and Nate said, "Can we get one??"
463. He once dove on the track to try and beat Josh Woodbury in the 400M, and he now has huge scars all over his hips…ANYTHING for a win. 464. The Refs still remember him from H.S.
465. He once got a technical because the ref thought he was going to say something and blew the whistle (let's just say he's been ejected from some games before).
466. When doing the "Y" run, he made it to the top first.
467. As freshman on the football team at BYU, the upper classmen (Polynesians) shave all of their heads (BICKED) and Nate would sprint to his car after practice to avoid them. They eventually got to him.
468. In H.S. he would walk around to groups of people in the hall and say, "put your right hand in for Nate", and they'd turn in for a sweet hand shake. J
469. He reads the Wall-Street Journal and loves thinking he's an adult and should do such things.
470. He always orders water with lemons at restaurants.
471. He likes the phrase "fat piece of tuna", especially when talking about Pau Gasol.
472. He loves watching Jazz/Nuggets games with Ty Berry, while each of them wears their team jerseys.
473. He still has Chicago Bulls t-shirts (from when he was 10) and wears them for intramural games.
474. He doesn't like when you pull the E-Brake too quickly when parking (he thinks it damages the brake).
475. He says he'd love to name his daughter Tiffany and spell it, "TIPHPHANY".
476. He always crosses his legs when he sits.
477. He's been a Jazz fan longer than he's been a husband…sorry Linley.
478. He says he plays "Krzyzewski" on the piano (Duke's Head Coach).
479. He loves his wife!
480. He loves to call and check up on my life and I thoroughly appreciate it.
481. He HAD to play in a church bball game the day he got his tonsils out. His throat swelled shut by the end and he had to return to the hospital.
482. He loves teaching Cassie his pearls of wisdom.
483. He LOVES homemade salsa and using their Vita-Mix
484. He doesn't like when we tell restaurants it's his bday, it's a little embarrassing when they sing to him.
485. He hates doing the serious face for football pictures, he's always smiling.
486. To keep a smile for pictures he laughs, to do this he thinks of our family picture when Kristen wore braces, works every time.
487. He loves fitted suits and skinny ties.
488. He HATES putting up Christmas lights.
489. Sam says he loves his example of going on a mission.
490. As a little girl, he used to ask me what I was reading in the Book of Mormon and since I wasn't reading every day I would make something up. He always knew that I knew nothing and would keep encouraging me to REALLY READ. I finally picked up on the importance of it, but he was a great influence on me.
491. Because of his love of the Book of Mormon and example of reading it every day all of our family members have gained a love of the Book of Mormon and the importance of it in our lives.
492. He is so sweet and considerate of others, he always goes out of his way to make people feel happy and comfortable.
493. He would LOVE an 82" screen to watch the NBA playoffs.
494. He holds his ears out to help him hear things better. It is hilarious to watch.
495. Mom would read the book "I'll Love You Forever" to him as a kid and when he was leaving for his mission he took a picture of him and Mom and put it in a frame with the words, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my Mommy you'll be". He's pretty sweet.
496. He's very ambitious.
497. He loves having gospel discussions with Dad. I learn so much from those two.
498. Over this past conference when Elder Holland was standing to speak he said, "Cass, be prepared to be hit by a spiritually 2x4".
499. He will be thoroughly embarrassed by this list, but I sure loved making it.
500. He is loved by me and by ALL those who know him! He really is one of my favorite people on earth and I am so thankful he's in our family. I couldn't ask for a better brother!


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