Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy One Year

Nate and I just celebrated our one year anniversary...weird! It went by so fast. Since our special day fell on a Sunday we decided to celebrate on Friday night (leaving Saturday open for football). We went to Macaroni Grill (because we had a gift card, duh) and went from there. The whole meal Nate was asking what I wanted to do and when I responded with...I don't care...It really meant...You better have something planned or I think I might cry. So he suggested that we drive up to park city to go shopping at the outlets and look at this new house his uncle had built. We got "lost" and as we were "following" directions to this new house, we stumbled into the parking lot of the most amazing hotel right in the heart of park city! I was so surprised and not thinking that this would ever happen, I remember thinking to myself...his uncle built a hotel?! What?! But I have the greatest husband. He is amazing at surprises (which I love) and had our bags all packed in the trunk without me even knowing! It was the best hotel, with the best view, with the best bed (just comfy...sickos), and I was with the best company!! Everyone always schmoozes (?) about their husbands on their blog, but I never have because I didn't want to let all y'all down. Just kidding, but I do really have the hardest working, most thoughtful, lets me live in a movie kind of husband. I love him I love him I love him and September 28Th will always be the best day of my life and the greatest decision I have ever made! I love you Nate!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lake Powell


Wakeboarding, surfing, sky ski, cards, friends,
sleeping under the stars, boating...LOVE IT!

Labor Day Ward BBQ

Nate and Paul loving the football game!

Nate's cousin- Addi girl watching the FB game.

Nate catching a touchdown pass! WOO HOO!

Not very focused but what do ya do.
Dani & Triston Gooch and myself at the BBQ.