Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Thanksgiving came and went, but that five day weekend was well needed, and the five days away from the little critters wasn't bad either. Nate's family came up Wednesday evening and spent the remainder of the weekend with us. The turkey call came bright and early Thursday morning for football and off the boys went and me of course. I wasn't going to miss out on this one and since I have never seen my husband play the sport that he has a scholarship for, I figured I'd better be there to cheer him on. As I sat in the 30 degree weather, I wondered if it was worth it, but as the first snap was hiked and I watched Terry (Nate's Dad) rush the quarter back and Paul (Nate's uncle) scramble for the first down, I knew it was going to be worth it. The game went on and ended in a tie with only a few minor injuries....a bloody knee, scrapped face, sore muscles, oh, and a torn MCL. After the game we jetted off to the Gifford's (Dan and Heidi- Nate's aunt and uncle) for Thanksgiving dinner. It was great....turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing, roles, salad, fruit salad, and all the jello one could handle...followed by, chocolate pie, pumpkin pie, razzleberry pie, and cheese cake. Heidi out did herself for sure! But it was still missing one thing....CREAMED CORN, a Toolson family staple! What is a girl to do without creamed corm on Thanksgiving? After dinner, I went home and looked at my marriage license and noticed at the bottom in fine print..."shared holidays", something I didn't realize before. That's a joke...but even though I wasn't at home for Thanksgiving I must say it was just as fabulous to have my new family around starting new traditions, mixed with the old. I have been so blessed to marry into such a wonderful and fun family. It is always a party with the Hutchinson's and Gifford's. Anyways, that next night a bunch of us went to see August Rush (PS...don't bring your husband's because they'll ruin it). It was such a great flick minus Nate playing the imaginary guitar, piano and saxophone next to me throughout the movie and reminiscing about the midgets from the night before (Little People, Big World). You'll understand when you see it...All in all, it was a successful weekend and to top it off...Collie is still open!! THE COUGARS BEAT UTAH 17-10!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh, The Joys of Teaching...

Many of you talk about the joys of motherhood...what's that? Even though I don't have children of my own (yet), I now have 32 adopted sixth graders for the next month and a half to keep me plenty occupied and you entirely entertained. Oh, the joys of teaching. I started student teaching yesterday and already on the second day...we have a sub. What learning goes on when students have a subtitute you might ask...absolutely none. It is coloring assignment after coloring assignment. So moms, when your kids ask to stay home from school due to a substitute, let them, because a trip to the grocery store just might teach them more. Funny story #1- As a student teacher, you have many important responsibilities, which include: copying, errand running, paper correcting, oh and an occasional lesson teaching. As I was returned to the class from my copying duties, a boy blurted out, "Jake was checking you out!" The whole class laughed and waited for a response. Not knowing what to do, I continued to walk and then finally decided to play along. As I turned around the boy who "checked me out" asked if I was married. I shook my "bling" in his face and told him that I was taken. I was so proud, but then realized I was talking to an 11-year-old. Dang it. After a few laughs were exchanged, he mumbled under his breath, "Will you get a divorce?" Oh, the joys of teaching.