Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's in a name...

Nate and I finally decided on a name - Thomas James Hutchinson. This little guy sure has a lot to live up to because he is named after some pretty fabulous people.

I always knew that I wanted James to be his middle name, after his Great Grandpa Toolson. He and my Grandma, both, have been such a big part of this whole process with me. I remember when Nate and I were trying to decide whether InVitro was the path for us, my Grandpa said, "Let's do it, what do we have to lose?" And I don't know if I have ever told him this, but that bold confidence meant so much and was really what calmed the storm for me. I respect and value his opinion and who he is so much, that after he said that, I knew that was the road that Nate and I needed to travel down. My Grandparents have been along side Nate and I every step of the way, calling after doctor appointments with words of encouragement and love, prayers and fasting, and hugs and back tickles just to make the day a little better. I seriously tear up to this day, thinking about how many people supported me through this whole process and how many prayers were offered on my behalf. So in honor of all those prayers that were offered, and the support and love of my Grandpa and Grandma, James, is his middle name - so that my little guy won't ever forget what his Grandparents and many others did to get him here.

And then came the first name...we had no idea. We both offered up suggestions that the other gagged at and could never come to terms. When Nate and I were in California this summer, we went to dinner for my Parent's wedding anniversary and my Dad began talking about his Father, Thomas L. Halverson, who passed away when my Dad was only 17 years old. I feel like I have heard most of the stories my Dad shares about him, but this particular time, he was sharing experiences with his Father that I had never heard before. We all got emotional at the table, and it was pretty special to be apart of. As we were driving home, Nate turned to me and said, "Well, I think we just named our son - what do you think of Thomas?" It just felt right. We loved it. We felt like it was a way we could always remember Grandpa H, and involve my Dad in the name even though we weren't using Tim. Our little guy has some meaning behind his name and I hope he never forgets the men he is named after and the lives that they lived and how much they love him.

Thomas James Hutchinson can't get here soon enough!