Thursday, August 11, 2011

Decisions - Decisions - Decisions

Apparently picking out a car seat and stroller is very time consuming and difficult...who would have ever thought that I would develop anxiety over such a decision? No one told me that there are 900 different options and no two car seat/stroller offer the same features, which means you have to go in knowing what you want - ease, size, weight, safety, look, etc. Well, to say the least, I had NO CLUE what I wanted and being the vain person that I am, I first googled "Celebrity Car Seats/Celebrity Strollers" to find out what I HAD TO HAVE. :) And then after laughing at the price tag for everything, I was back at ground zero. Through much deliberation and help from my cousin Taylor, I chose the Britax B-Safe car seat and Britax B-Agile stroller. They both should be arriving at my house today!! Kind of excited. :) I'll let you know my review.


We finally landscaped the front yard. It is amazing what a little green can do for a house! Before Nate and I left for California we picked out plants and sprayed where we wanted the curbing. By the time we got back, this is what we came home to. I liked that process. I vote we do it that way on the next house. Much easier. :) WE LOVE OUR LITTLE HOME!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Measuring Big

I got another ultrasound today and our baby boy is doing great! My due date was November 16th, then the 14th and now they are saying around the 9th. It keeps changing because he is measuring big! Ah! They say I am measuring right around 26 weeks. Fine by me, if it means him getting here a little sooner. :) I seriously have the biggest cheeseball grin on my face everytime I see him bouncing around in there. Without fail, every ultrasound and doctors appointment, he is a busy body. The tech always comments about how she can't measure the heart beat because my baby won't stay in the same place for longer than three seconds. I have a feeling this is a sign of things to come. But honestly, I cannot wait! I want him here today. I want to hold him and kiss him. I have always been told that I am a baby hog and I have a feeling I will be the same way with my own kid. Will I ever want anyone else to cuddle and hold him but me? Time will tell I guess. :) Today, we got some cute pics of him stretching and sucking on his hand. Precious. It is a complete miracle and I am amazed everytime I see the little little man. :) I always ask myself, "Is this this really finally happening?" It is the greatest thing on planet earth and the weirdest thing all at the same time. I have a human inside of me. :)

Baby Hutch still doesn't have a name, but he does have a very cute nursery and a lot of clothes. Until next time...