Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Have I seriously been married for two years? Weird!! We had a great weekend celebrating our two year anniversary up in Park City. We stayed at this great new hotel and loved just being away from everything and being with each other. Now that Nate and I have really entered into the business world, we really don't get much down time. (Am I personally in the business world, probably not, but am I going to call it that? You betcha! So this weekend we had lots of cuddling and hanging out time...which I miss. I swear we saw each other way more when we were dating...oops! I love my husband, I love the fact that he makes me laugh constantly, I love that he writes me notes and leaves them in my car before work that begin with "hey pretty lady", I love that he sleeps again, I love that he loves his GEO (teal on black), I love that he loves me "dearly", I love that he works so hard, I love that he is really such a great person, I love that he LOVES the Book of Mormon, I love how he reads it every night before he goes to bed without fail, I love that out of any restaurant in the whole world- he chooses Dimitri's pizza ($5.99) every time, I love that he is a great brother and drives to Cedar City for a two hour game and drives back, I love that he'll "drop it like it's hot" for our anniversary, I love that he is a worthy Priesthood holder, I love how he thinks Dancing with the Stars is porn and shouldn't be watched, I love that he loves my cooking and mmm's and ahhh's like Bob on What About Bob every meal, I love that he thinks about others constantly, I love the fact that he thinks he has the greatest style on earth, I love the fact that he keeps anything of value on our bookshelf and refuses to move it (Allen Edmon's), I love the fact that when I started teaching he bought me a ruler, hand sanitizer and an apple, I love that he tries to set a budget with me every month :), I love that he wants to build a home and that he thinks we can do it in the next two years (ha), I love that he finally really wants a baby like me, I love that he prays and fasts for our little family always, I love him always and forever, I love my husband! Happy Two Year Anniversary! WOW. I wonder what I won't love 10 years from now :) HA HA HA. Just kidding!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Book 3

OK, maybe I am just easy to please, but I am loving every book I read!! I LOVE LOVE this book. So cute and you walk away smiling!! Carpe Diem...Go get it and read it ASAP!!