Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heaven on Earth

This past weekend, my parents flew me and Nate home to celebrate our birthdays. It was a perfect weekend. Birthday dinner, the beach, shopping, Rascal Flatts and I loved every second of it. I am so lucky to have parents that are always thinking of fun things to do and ways to celebrate. Thank you Mom and Dad! I LOVE YOU! See you next month. HAHA. Here are a few pictures of the weekend? How can anyone not want to end up here? I really don't understand. Is there anything more beautiful? I would say NO! It's my perfect place!

Nate's goal in life.

THE WEDGE at Newport Beach.
Body boarder about to be crushed in 2 seconds!

Livin' it up.

Skin boarders waiting for their turn.

Sun was a little bright!
PS. Yes, I took all these pictures! I am quite proud of myself. I have an awesome camera and editing is the funnest part! Woo Hoo!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yesterday was a great day...simple, but great! Walk with my mom in the morning, lunch with my parents and best friend (Nate), Costco trip, 24 review, and dinner with family and friends! My mom made stuffed salmon, garlic mash, salad, bread, and grilled veggies. And for dessert...banana cream pie! YUMMY! I am a person who LOVES food, if you can't tell, so I had to include the menu for the evening. Then Kati and Mack came over to visit! I miss those girls and love them!! Happy 23rd, ah....TO ME!!! Notice how in the last blowing out the candles mom and Nate are both helping me blow out my candles because I couldn't quite get them all out. And we all know what I was wishing for. That is why my face has a happy/sad, "oh crap my dream isn't going to come true" kind of look. Thanks for all the phone calls and texts. Love you all!


Nate says good bye to BYU Football. Bitter-sweet, but a great night!

All the seniors were given a framed jersey, helmet and warrior stick!
Brett, Max, Nate, and Dennis! Go Cougars!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ryan Toolson

Last week Nate and I went to UVU's last home game to cheer on their all-star, my cousin Ryan Toolson. It was so much fun to sit next to McKell and cheer, as well watch Mike do the double pump fist every time a player did something fabulous! Between Mike and the intensity of UVU's head coach, at times I found myself watching them instead of the game...OOPS! I am so grateful that I have tons of family around me all the time! It is the best. Congrats Ryan and hopefully you will go somewhere fabulous, so Nate and I can come visit and sit court side just like we did all year! And thanks Mike for all the tickets and pregame meals :) You are the best!! Here are a few pictures from Ryan's last show on UVU's court!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Other People's Children

Since Nate and I are lacking in the children department, we will continue posting pictures of other people's children. My cousin McKell introduced me to which is a photo editing site and I am in love! It is amazing! Here are some pictures of my cute little Emily Dawn a few weeks after she was born! And of course my cute little Andrew and Eva!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snoop Dogg, Triston, Me and Thomas the Train

So yesterday while I was hanging with Triston Gooch (my oldest Godson) one of the funniest things in the history happened. I'll set the stage for you...the women all went to baby Bridget's shower and so Quinn and Triston came up to hang with me and watch the BYU Utah game. Triston obviously wasn't too excited about watching the game with us and wanted to watch Thomas the Train...I wasn't about to put Thomas on the 55 incher and skip the rest of the game so I decided to get my laptop out and search some Thomas the Train videos on youtube. So Triston was just hanging next to me with the laptop on the top of his lap (I'll bet you've never heard it spelled out like that before) and he would watch a Thomas video and then when it was done he would tell me it was time for a new one. After he watched about 3 or 4 videos there was a video on the side called "Snoop Dogg and Thomas the Train". I couldn't resist the tempation so I took the computer and turned it down (just in case Snoop Dogg's Thomas the Train wasn't for 2 year-olds) and pressed play...This was the result. So Triston is sitting next to me and after this thing is playing for about 15 seconds he starts yelling..."Its a chocolate Thomas! A chocolate Thomas! I want a chocolate Thomas!" Nothing as good as a chocolate Thomas with a little Snoop Dogg in the background. Good stuff. Check out the video.