Monday, August 25, 2008

Extreme Desk Makeover

My beautiful new desk!

Drawers on desk. Notice the crackle!

Top of the desk. Just wanted you to get a good look :)

This past week we inherited a desk that I had been pondering over how to make cute! I had an image in my head of what the end result could look like, but I just didn't know how to get there. So Nate and I went to Lowes and literally spent two hours debating which stain, paint color, etc. to go with. We finally decided on a Faux finish. We first had to sand the desk down next to nothing and prime it. Then I painted it black and put a crackle glaze on top and let it dry for a day. The crackle glaze is suppose to show through once you put your top coat on. Then I painted over the glaze with a cream color and instantly the paint started separating allowing the black paint to show, creating a weathered, antique, vintage looking desk! I really love it, so even if you don't....just lie! Here are some pics!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Her Name in Lights

So my best friend Emma Jade Brazier just spent the last two weeks of her life covering the Olympics in Beijing. She worked in the studio for NBC alongside Bob Costas and became bff's with the athletes. As we were watching the closing ceremonies tonight, her name was in lights. At the end of the production, NBC sent us off with a farewell and thanks montage and under "production associates", Emma Brazier's name was listed! Congrats girl and thanks for all you did these past few weeks to bring our world together! HA! PS: Just remember me when you are Bob Costas!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Latest

Nate and I have officially entered into the cycling world! Nate found great deals online, but the bikes didn't come assembled, so we had to take them to the local Trek shop. While there, we started talking to the employees and quickly found out that we only had 1/2 of the gear we needed to be "successful" on the bike. To say the least, after a lot of persuasion on their part and constant begging for a deal on our part, we walked out of the door, X amount dollars poorer and only a free freakin' water bottle! There were no deals with this purchase apparently! Dang it. Oh well. So far Nate and I have been on two bike rides and we love it! It is great for Nate's knee so hopefully we'll see improvements there! Even though we think we are pros now, it didn't start out smooth...When Nate went to pick up the bikes he noticed that his bike didn't have a "kick stand" and asked the guy if that was a problem. Needless to say, he started laughing at Nate and knew he was a rookie. Nate tried to play it off of course and said something to help his ego. My dad loved that story! For any of you who don't road bikes come with kick stands...they are usually hung when they're not being used! HA. Loved that! Then when we came all our gear on, including our click in shoes and went for a ride. Accept, the ride didn't happen right away because we couldn't get our shoes into the pedals! I was laughing so hard and kept looking around the neighborhood to make sure no one was looking! After five minutes I opted out to help Nate and finally got him clicked in. He road around the neighborhood once or twice to get a feel for it and then came cruising up the drive way and onto the grass. He tried to click out but couldn't, so the minute he got to the grass, I had to run over to him so he wouldn't fall while he was thrashing his feet! He is a heavy kid and muscles seem to not work when you are laughing hysterically but I seemed to manage and we finally got him out and onto safe ground! I had a similar experience, but we'll save that one for later!! Here is a picture of our bikes and the one free thing we got out of our major purchase...freakin' water bottles!

San Diego

San Diego was so much fun, but we all felt like Eva when we had to say good bye! The beach, Legoland, cousins, Ki-Speed, Padres games, the best food ever, and family never got old!