Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Godfather Update...

Just wanted to notify everyone that my 4th Godchild was born today. Christopher Drake Weaver. If any of you are wondering why I'm not a Godfather to your children and would like me to take on that honor/responsibility, please ask. I'm a little shocked that I haven't been notified by Shikespeare and other close friends to watch over (not after) their children in such an important and vital role...
As of 12:49 a.m. today my Godchildren are (and from oldest to youngest):
Triston Gooch

Maximus (not Max like he is to everyone else) Berry
Kindle (I call her Kindle not Kendell like everyone else) Legg

Christopher Drake Weaver

The proverbial glass half full....

Some people look at a rose bush and see this:

Some people look at a rose bush and see this:

I'm not here to say I pick the rose up without a glove and not take into account the thorns but just as I look past the bad air quality and snow (every once in awhile) there is just something about the majestic mountains of Utah that speak solace to my little soul and I just don't happen to get that anywhere else. This post in no way is to neglect the way my wife feels. I love her and will do all within my little power to make her happy. She gets the feeling I spoke about earlier from California and who am I to judge her when I myself walk imperfectly? I've committed to her that we can live in California when we can afford it and that it would be ideal if we could have a helicopter. I would love to live in California if I could get in my helicopter to avoid traffic and fly that puppy safe into the sky when the inevitable earthquake comes. If you are looking for a wise place to put some cash (and have it be recession proof) I would go out and throw down tons of cash on some Nevada property because when California ends up in the ocean it will turn into oceanfront property. Ely Nevada may be ideal. I love my wife and I love my mountains. Can you guys really see my fat white trash trying to surf the blue waves of San Diego? I like to drive up the mountain (not hike and not camp) and "look down on creation where the only explation I can find is the love that I've found ever since you've been around, your loves got me on the top of the world." This last line may not make sense to anyone but those that are die-hard Carpenter fans. As long as I have Linley I can live in Euthopia and be happy. Nuf said.
P.S. The securities mentioned in this report may not be suitable for all types of investors. This report does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or specific needs of any particular client. Recipients should consider this report as only a single factor in making an investment decision and should not rely solely on investment recommendations contained herein, if any, as a substitution for the exercise of independent judgment of the merits and risks of investments. The analyst writing the report is not a person or company with actual, implied or apparent authority to act on behalf of any issuer mentioned in the report. Before making an investment decision with respect to any security recommended in this report, the recipient should consider whether such recommendation is appropriate given the recipient's particular investment needs, objectives and financial circumstances. Don't want any crazy lawsuits. You can never be too careful.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nathan Kennedy Hutchinson

So I was browsing on Barneys New York website and came across this shirt. Considering this is the name of my future little boy I went to order it (even though it was like $50) and it wouldn't let my fat trash order it. I took this as a sign that N. Kennedy was trying to tell me he wasn't quite ready to come down yet. I got to thinking and I realized that I know exactly what you are trying to pull off are waiting out this recession. I don't blame you. You are proly sitting up there right now thinking to yourself "If I go down there right now there is no way dad will be able to help me with college and I'll proly be stuck wearing those cheap non-name brand diapers." You may be right but what you may not be taking into account is the longer you make your mother wait the more chores I will give you between the ages of six and twelve. Mark my words Nathan Kennedy. It doesn't happen too often that a child is born and has a job list waiting for him when he gets out of the womb but it may just happen in this case. I'll cut you some slack if you do all you can but if not then you'll be mowing the lawn for hours and hours. Love you son. Now hurry up.
Your Loving Father Nathan Terry Hutchinson


Funny story. So the other night Nate's family was all together and the topic of the weather came up and his Grandpa asked me how I (San Diego- which he calls me) feel about living in Alpine. Wrong question at the wrong time...Here's a little preface to the story. We have been trying to have a baby for a year...thought I was pregnant because I was "late" and that night at dinner I started what was "late" I was already feeling angry, sad, emotional, etc. So when the question was asked, I don't think I stopped talking for five minutes about how terrible the weather is and how much I hate snow and cold. I went into detail about the snow plowing experiences (don't ask), ice scrapping, spills on the ice, and how I fear for my life every time I drive on the roads. I literally almost cried, my voice was shaking and I let it rip. My husband had to stop me because he knew something was up and that normally I wouldn't have that strong of a conviction about weather. HA. Anyways, even though I probably went a little overboard that night and left the family thinking I was psycho and way high maintenance, I really can't wait for the day I get to move home to sunny perfection. And please no one leave a comment saying I am stuck here for life...I married a Utah boy...etc., because I promise it will happen. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be in five years, but it will happen!! :)

Alumni Game In...November

Nate played in the BYU/UTAH alumni game in November and still has least that was our chant for him! It was so much fun. JeNee, Kristen, Heather, Cass and Ryan all came up to help me cheer. JeNee even showed up in Nate's jersey, which was classic because Nate absolutely hates that kind of stuff! Sorry babe...we love to show you off. Here are a few pics.

Better Late Than Never

Uncle Trevor is the coolest!

Andrew and Eva loved it!

Our sweet tired Emmy.

Kisses from Andrew. He was so sweet with her.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas in San Diego! We had so much fun with family and kept asking ourselves (well at least I did) why we live in snowy mountainous Utah?! The weather was perfect. I like perfection. There aren't many pictures of us because we were always the picture takers, so enjoy the kiddos. Pictures of Disneyland will be coming as soon as my Dad comes through with the e-mail request from about two weeks ago :)

Friday, January 2, 2009


Sorry but he/she who hasn't committed a spelling error please cast the first stone.


Oh Boy

For those of you who know my husband...that all made sense and for those of you who don't just go with it...And for the record Nate, you can't rag on Twilight until you can spell it correctly!!

Nate Joins the Club

Friends, Old Friends, Family, Blogger Stalkers (all you people that don't know me or my wife but just want to read about random people that know your friends), and To Whom it May Concern:

Just wanted to make a public and official statement that I will be starting to blog. As an effort to help our blog compete in the fast changing world of the internet I will be adding my masculine commentary and insight on our blog. I wish my wife wouldn't have posted how much she "loves her husband" on the anniversary post and told her to not post anything about that afternoon but she "trampled my counsel underneath her feet" and posted about it anyway. It is funny because I think my wife officially loves this blog more than me so as I try to be more like Edward from "Twlight" and get my wife to think more of me when she thinks of her blog (which is 30-47 times per day), I will be a part of this. So I'd like to thank you all for reading this and letting me be a part of this mystical world of blogging.


Nathan Terry Hutchinson
Father of the Future Child Nathan Kennedy Hutchinson (we'll call him Kennedy and he'll get babes and he'll sign his name N. Kennedy Hutchinson when he is a Senator someday). We aren't pregnant yet but I'm saying we will be soon and it will be a boy and this will be his name.