Friday, May 23, 2008

I've been tagged...

20 years ago...

1. I was 2 years old.
2. In the process of moving from La Mesa to Encinitas, California.
3. Sitting on our big rock, watching my dad mow the lawn in my pin-striped jeans and pink bear sweater and probably driving my mother crazy.

10 years ago...
1. I was 12 and finally became a "young woman".
2. I was at Digueno Junior High where I thought I was the bomb. I only hung out with the "8th graders" which made my 8th grade year a little short on the friends side. But I finally found a few whom have since fallen by the wayside.
3. I played soccer competitively with Lightning, where I heard the word "bloody" frequently. My coach was English and everything was bloody this and bloody that or superb on a good day. And I loved every minute of it!

5 years ago...
1. I went to La Costa Canyon High School and had a little too much fun! Still playing soccer, but now for my high school and club team.
2. Only had four classes and went to the beach the minute that lunch bell rang. The "6 Pack" (LinDigg, Griff, Rube, MackDogg, DJ Watt, and Caro) was officially formed and life was great. Miss and love you guys!
3. Lived at home alone with my parents because Sheree and Trevor had gotten married. I made two new best friends, but it took me a little while to discover them! Love you Mom and Dad.

3 years ago...
1. I was in the middle of my second year at BYU, living with Emma and Brit at Old Academy. Good times.
2. Had many first dates and not many second ones...OOPS!
3. Got my worst grades at BYU and got a scolding or two and was told by my loving father to stand on the street corner with a sign that read "Need a date?" Ouch.

1 year ago...
1. Finishing up Spring semester before I would become a senior!
2. Nanny-ing for my favorite people in the world...Alexa, Lauren, Jewels, Morgan and Nick! Really not nanny-ing but rather beaching it, going to the pool, lunch, movies, really was such a rough life.
3. Dating my husband to be and enjoying being in love.

So far this year...
1. Got married, moved to Grandpa's, and went on the best honeymoon ever....St. Thomas, Bahamas, Princess Caye and Puerto Rico.
2. Didn't kill anyone after the 8 times I got stuck in my driveway from the 3 feet of snow that I tried to ram through with my car!
3. Graduated from BYU with a BS in Elementary Education, moved to Paul and Holly's basement and became a full time nanny and tutor.

Yesterday I...
1. Did absolutely nothing because I was feeling like crap, coughing every 10 seconds.
2. Finally brushed my teeth and got ready.
3. Got pizza with Nate and the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. T. Wade...they just don't know it yet and watched the Celtics lose. Don't worry they'll come back!

Today I...
1. Woke up, got ready and drove to Halladay to nanny.
2. Got a tour of the area, went to the library and listened to two tired kids cry.
3. Will go home to my cute husband and make sweet sweet love. What? I mean...take a nap, make dinner, watch a movie and fall asleep.

Tomorrow I...
1. Will go to the cabin with our cute married friends.
2. Four-wheel and have a bbq and hope that the power isn't turned off this time! (Last time the power had been shut off so we were greeted with a stench that I still can smell, YUCK!)
3. Enjoy playing games, laughing and eating with friends and my husband!

In the next year I will...
1. Get pregnant and have baby Holland.
2. Fall more in love with my husband that I married on September 28th .
3. Learn how to use my D80 and become a photographer.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mommy and Daddy

Yes, they were and always will be "Mommy and Daddy". When I was in Houston playing Sheree and going to play-groups and what not, McKell and I had lots of time to talk. She asked about the family and on more occasions than one I found myself talking about how great my parents were and it made me realize just how little I brag about my parents. I shared with her how my parents seem to be more in love than ever and how my mom and I finally have the relationship that I have always wanted with her, but was too stubborn to admit it. It almost made me tear up when I was talking to McKell about my parents because I think I have finally grown up enough to realize just how much I love them, but mostly how much they love me. Growing up, my parents always said I love you and were full of hugs and bedtime songs and tuck-ins. I remember cousins and friends asking why my Dad would come in each night, tuck me in and tell me that he loved me. I remember being slow to respond because I thought every parent and Dad did that. It was normal to me. But the more I interact with children, the more I realize that that is not the case at all. How thankful I am for parents that tucked me in each night (even in high school) and for parents that scolded me and then five minutes later returned to tell me just how much they love me. How thankful I am for a dad who loves my mom more than anything in the world and for a mom who worships and loves my dad in return. For me, being the youngest wasn't always easy. When I began high school I was on my own with my parents. Sheree and Trevor had both gone off and gotten married and started lives of their own and I was stuck with "them" or so I thought. I remember complaining to everyone that would listen how hard it was to live with them. What would I give to go back?! I am so thankful for those years alone with my parents because I really believe that we went through things and grew up together which has made us closer than ever! I want my parents and the world to know just how much I love my them and how thankful I am for all that they do. I don't think that I will fully understand how much love they have for me until I have children of my own. I love you Mommy and Daddy!

Real World

All my life I have heard my mother talk about the "real world". She would say things like..."just wait" and "one day you'll understand". Apparently all this understanding and waiting would be complete when I entered the "real world". And my favorite story of all is when Sheree got married and everyone at the shower signed a book giving her advice and an occasional how to and my mother's read: Enjoy it now because soon you'll be back in the "real world". I think this real world my mom always talked about was a world in which she and my dad couldn't fix everything and do everything for us. Even though I don't think I have reached full "real world" status, I understand a little more about this "real world" my mom tried to warn me about and embrace, especially when the first of the month comes and all our money goes who knows where! And apparently in the real world, you pay to have a roof over your head and your money goes to places like cell phone bills, groceries, utilities, car insurance, health insurance, GAS, and then when things go wrong there is always light bulbs, batteries, shower rods and the list goes on. When I was living at home with my cozy little room and loft, I didn't realize that I was sleeping on a mattress that cost at least $650 and those dressers that I put my clothes in...yeah, there's another $599 and that cute little chair Ronda made...$899. And then when my room was giving me a bore there was always the loft where I sat my cute little butt on a $900 sleeper sofa and the foot rests/ ottomans....another $400. And then the TV and armoire, $1500. These are all wonderful things I have learned since entering into the "real world", and frankly I don't appreciate it. Nate and I recently bought a mattress that Nate tells me will be a lifetime investment. We got it at RC Willey and after we made the purchase, I sat in the car and started sobbing because we just spent half of our total net worth on a freakin' mattress! And then I began suggesting other options...."Nate, I don't need a mattress, we can sleep on the floor or maybe we can just sleep on our foam covers, etc." Desperate times cause for desperate measures. And anyone that knows me understands what mental state I must have been under to make such a suggestion! And the saddest part of this whole sob story is that I know it is only the beginning. Well, until the next "real world" hits...peace and love.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nanny Diary Pictures

Here are a few pictures of Andrew and Eva from my week in Texas. I am not a professional, but I think they turned out pretty darn cute! Enjoy...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Nanny Diaries

Mother of two, even before I am a mother of one...Sheree and John finally took their first "real" vacation as a married couple (wedding date = 12/28/2002) to Cabo San Lucas. Being the generous and amazing aunt and sister that I am...I flew out here to watch the kiddos. It is day three and so far so good. Andrew really only misses his Mom when I do something wrong like on day one when I took him to school an hour early! OOPS. Better early than late, right?! Or when I keep the crust on his sandwiches, dress him in "weird" clothes, and drive the WRONG way. For a four year old, he sure knows his way around Katy, Texas. But other than those small mishaps, we are doing great. Sheree really does a great job with Andrew and Eva, so it was easy to take over for the week. Sheree warned me about Eva la diva, but she really has been great for me. She loves talking on the phone and sometimes melts down when she doesn't get the opportunity to do if you get a phone call and the other end says "hi, hewoo, buh bye, wuv you, mama and dada woosh (that means airplane)'s Eva girl getting her way! My favorite part about playing Sheree for the week is after Andrew goes potty (#2), he yells from the bathroom, WINWEE...I'M DONE! Then I walk into the restroom and he grabs his ankles so that I can wipe and we can both go on with our day. Ok, maybe it isn't my favorite part, but it is definitely the most amusing! HA. After I wiped the first time, it made me think...who wipes Andrew's bum when he is at preschool, so I asked...This was his response, "my teacher wipes my bum, but she wears gloves so she doesn't get the nasty poop on her!" HAHA. That gave me a laugh because he just said it so matter of fact. It has been so much fun and I can't to wait to have babies of my own...but let's hope I just start out with one! I'll keep you updated, but until then....wish me luck!