Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Resting time post #1..."

For those of you that don't know my fat trash was in a car accident about a month ago. I don't remember any of the accident but apparently someone ran a red light (us) or the ten passenger van that hit us in Dallas. My uncle John was driving and I was in the passenger seat of this car and was lucky that we weren't two feet farther into the intersection or it would have been what the Chileans call muerte (death) for me.

We are extremely grateful that the injuries weren't worse. I had my fourth terrible concussion (thanks BYU football and Cason Adams for punching me in the stomach in 8th grade which knocked the wind out of me and I stood up and didn't get enough oxygen to my head and fell to the asphalt like a tree). I started to get a little better after about a week but then the last couple weeks have been getting worse, I get really sharp pains in my head, my hands are tingling and I can't concentrate very well, and I sleep like a little owl at night (that means I don't sleep for those of you who don't watch Jack Hanna). I saw the neurologist yesterday and he says my symptoms are all "textbook and that it could take from 6-12 months to be back to normal, just try and rest". They are going to run a few more tests this week to see if there is any permanent damage. So today is day one of "resting". I pulled a twin mattress in front of the TV and I'm going crazy. This post won't last long because I get pretty dizzy trying to look at the computer but thought that I could at least throw a post or two up here over the next "6-12 months". The only thing that I can read is my scriptures for about 10 minutes a day and then I'm tapped out. Luckily I can watch the History/Discovery Channel and learn about the wonders of our little earth. I'm happy to take visitors (even every single one of my friends that forgot my birthday, Weave is the only one that came up big and remembered). I sent out a mass text to all my chubby friends on April 11 at 12:00 and 4 seconds a.m. that said the following, "A Happy Birthday text wouldn't have hurt anyone." I was so happy that they forgot so that I could send that text. I had it saved in my outbox by like 10:45. They all concurred that they are the worst group of friends in American History considering I never forget thiers. I'm going to get a few books on tape to help pass the time over here so any recommendations would be wonderful. Get ready for my post #2 of "resting time" tomorrow about the Utah Jazz.