Thursday, August 11, 2011

Decisions - Decisions - Decisions

Apparently picking out a car seat and stroller is very time consuming and difficult...who would have ever thought that I would develop anxiety over such a decision? No one told me that there are 900 different options and no two car seat/stroller offer the same features, which means you have to go in knowing what you want - ease, size, weight, safety, look, etc. Well, to say the least, I had NO CLUE what I wanted and being the vain person that I am, I first googled "Celebrity Car Seats/Celebrity Strollers" to find out what I HAD TO HAVE. :) And then after laughing at the price tag for everything, I was back at ground zero. Through much deliberation and help from my cousin Taylor, I chose the Britax B-Safe car seat and Britax B-Agile stroller. They both should be arriving at my house today!! Kind of excited. :) I'll let you know my review.


Whitney and Chris said...

Hey girlfriend! I feel your pain! I STRESSED to the max about what car seat and stroller to buy. It's a big decision. You will be lugging and pushing them around for months and years so you better pick the best one, right!? I looked long and hard at the Britax and really liked them. I ended up with the Peg Perego, only because at the time, the stroller was way lighter, but if I were to do it again now, I would totally go with the Britax. Great choice! We have a Britax convertible seat now and LOVE it! They are by far the safest out there for the littles. A little more expensive than some, but worth every single cent, in my opinion. (not that you wanted it, but I obviously couldn't help myself!:) ) I love that you are finally getting to make all these decisions, even if they can be all consuming! We are so dang happy for you guys and cannot wait to meet the little man! Hope all is well... love you guys!

Julia & Mike said...

I am laughing over your blog... I totally cried when i was trying to decide what to do. Mike thought I was ridiculous. Glad you found something you liked!